Notion for Devs

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Notion for Devs

Notion for the 10x Dev in you.

Notion for Devs is a simple and clean notion setup for developers that you can use to kick start your knowledge management flow. Use the templates and dashboards to manage work, learning quests, content creation, side projects, notes and so much more.

Developers are writers first - clean code, elegant documents, quirky blogs, stackoverflow glory - we write our way to success. Each one of us, student or pro, need a home for all our ideas and thoughts so that we can solve every problem with the best of our creative ability.

Use this template and get started with the habits that bring out the 10x dev in you.

What's Inside ?

  • Bookmark Manager

  • Code Snippets

  • Daily Journal

  • Project Manager

  • Learning Planner

  • Blog Posts

  • Weekly Todos

  • Interview Prep Tools

  • Idea Hub

  • Slip Box

  • A slick home page and quick add panels to stay on top of all these tools

  • 30+ templates to help you get started with all these tools

  • The Bookmark Manager and Interview Prep Tools are compatible with the Notion Web Clipper.


Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes, once you've made your purchase, a link with be sent to you to open this to your Notion workspace, click on duplicate template

Can I duplicate this template to share with my team/friends?

No, this is a personal license for individual use.

Still have Questions ?

Do send me a Hi at Would love to answer your questions.


Illustrations from the awesome Open Peeps library.

Built with ❤️ and Unicon Icons

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A simple and elegant notion setup for the 10x dev in you

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Notion for Devs

3 ratings
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